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If you’re chasing the best smoking supplies and accessories available for sale online, look no further than Online Smoke. With a wide range of bongs, pipes, hookahs, grinders, vapes and more. Online Smoke is one of Australia’s largest internet-based dispensaries for high quality smoke and party products.

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We aim to provide a range of products which are both fun and functional, and come in a range of sizes to suit smokers of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for an ornate glass bong to become the life of the party on a Friday or you’re simply looking for some high-quality rolling papers to escape into the clouds every now and then, you’ll find it all here at Online Smoke. Browse our full inventory online, and you’ll be blazing in no time!

Bongs Online

Is there any smoking aficionado who doesn't relish the pleasure of a finely-crafted bong? At Online Smoke, our portfolio includes an expansive range of glass bongs, encompassing all shapes, sizes, and styles. From quintessential models reflecting the age-old traditions, economical options that don't compromise on quality, to the sophisticated Agung bongs that combine aesthetics with performance, we're confident you'll find a perfect match here.


What could be more soothing than lounging back and indulging in the aromatic tendrils of shisha smoke? Explore our diverse range of Hookahs, available in both traditional and mini styles, crafted to enhance your relaxation and turn any ordinary evening into an unforgettable experience.


Searching for a subtler, more discreet smoking option? Keep your composure with our collection of glass, metal and wooden pipes, designed to cater to all your smoking needs, offering both function and style in equal measure.


Experience the joy of freshness with our high-quality grinders, a must-have for any discerning smoking enthusiast. At Online Smoke, we understand that a fine grind can significantly enhance the quality of your smoke. That's why we stock an extensive variety of tobacco and herb grinders, catering to different preferences and ensuring you get the most out of your smoking materials.

Our offerings extend far beyond just these core categories. We house an extensive collection of smoking products and accessories online, including but not limited to grinders for the perfect consistency, a variety of papers, reliable lighters, essential dab supplies, stylish bags, accurate scales, comprehensive sniff kits, and much more. Dive into our wide array of products and start planning an extraordinary party or a relaxed personal session today!

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While we do not retail tobacco or any other smoking substances, we can assure you that we have everything else you'd need to enhance your smoking pleasure. From high-quality smoking devices to an array of accessories, your weekends just got a lot more interesting. Do you have any questions or need guidance to find a product that fits your style? Feel free to reach out to us today, and our expert team will help you navigate our range to find the ideal solution for your smoking desires. Or check out our blog for more information. Discover the world of premium smoking products with Online Smoke - your trusted partner for an unparalleled smoking experience.

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