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Oil Glass Bongs
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The Finest Oil Glass Bongs | Online Smoke

There is a wonderful and enlightening experience awaiting those who are looking at upgrading their current smoking kit and incorporating oil glass bongs (also known as an oil rig bong) to their collection of paraphernalia. A perfect marriage of technological innovation with a stylish and strengthened build, the units on offer from Online Smoke will be an assured crown jewel in your crown of smoking products with our bong collection.

If this is your first time on Online Smoke, we surely understand there may be a little bit of confusion, after all, we have a wide selection of oil rig bongs available for purchase and it can be a little overwhelming for even the more seasoned smokers to understand the subtle differences between them all.


If you have any pertinent questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with your specific enquiries.



What Exactly Is An Oil Bong?

Many people ask about the difference between an oil rig bong and a standard one – the easy answer is there is not a huge amount of difference in the resulting experience, or even in the units themselves – the real difference comes from the smoking material.

While a standard unit is suitable for dry herb/flower material combustion and inhalation, an oil pourer bong is more suitable for wax/oil-based concentrates. As both materials are consumed via percolation, essentially any water pipe can be retrofitted to accommodate a different material that allows different attachments to be utilised.

Concentrates like wax or honey typically do not need as much heat to effectively vaporise the material for consumption and there is usually a stronger potency with this material and less of a burn than with standard herb combustion and inhalation.

While it is possible to interchange your current piece for different materials, factors such as the size of oil glass bongs will dictate your choice and the effectiveness.


The Importance Of Size

As you browse through our catalogue of glass oil bongs, you’ll notice that there is a large size difference between these units and your standard pieces. When smoking dry herbs like tobacco through a bowl piece and lighter, you’d logically want to have a larger unit for a more refined smoking experience. This is primarily due to the fact that the more filtered the smoke is, the less harsh it feels when inhaling it – combusted smoke from dry herbal substances does not lose potency in the process and so having more filtration is typical to maximise comfort.

Oil rig bongs are smaller in size as the temperature is lower for inhalation of concentrates and thus require less percolation to have a desired smoking experience. The portability of glass oil bongs is also a desirable characteristic for smokers who find themselves on the move or prefer to keep their pieces out of sight and out of mind.


The Online Smoke Difference

Online Smoke have always maintained a high degree of excellence when it comes to making sure our customers are looked after and enjoying the finest experience with their smoking desires.

Our passion for providing exquisite quality and affordable prices fuel our business and approach, and our unwavering dedication to answer any questions you may have will always have us head and shoulders above the rest. We love what we do.


Price Match

Our loyal customers will always come first at Online Smoke. If you find an identical oil pourer bong with another Australian retailer at a lower price, let us know and we will match it.


Eligible Free Delivery*

Our delivery capabilities ensure we can reach far and wide across the country to deliver your oil rig bong in a discreet and safe manner. Not only do we keep you informed of the status of your order, if you spend over $100 in a single transaction, we will ship it for free!


Discount For New Customers

We always love seeing new faces, if you have never shopped with us before then you are in luck. All new registered customers will receive 10% off their first order!


Wide Selection

Online Smoke have the most eclectic and varied selection of smoking products in Australia. From glass oil bongs to exclusive gift sets that will put a smile on anyone’s face. No two smokers are alike, we endeavour to always have the latest and greatest innovative suppliers on hand to ensure that our selection will have something for everyone.

From the newbie smokers to the veterans, we have the perfect piece for you.



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