Acrylic Bong

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Product Code: SA306


Here is another great specimen of bong from the Black Leaf. This Chongz Bubble Ice Twist Acrylic Bong has a easy going straight shape bubble, ice twists, 2 part cone and down stem and a rush hole! 

The large bulbous base allows for a decent amount of water to be held, filtering the smoke, and the ice twist in the neck allows you to cool the smoke even further. The straight neck makes the bong very ergonomic and easy to use, and minimises any water spillage even when lying back on the sofa.



All our bongs come with cone piece and stem . It all packed with thick bubble wrap and patch saftly and discreet with plain box or satchels bags.

Product detail:
Base Diameter Ø: 50mm(Approximately)*
Percolator: No
Logo:Black leaf
Include bonza stem & cone piece