'Black Leaf' Glass Icebong 4-Arm Tree-Perk.

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This sturdy, 400mm high, glass bong has a double reinforced 'Down-Pipe' mount for the SG 19 / SG 14 'Down-Pipe' 'Diffuser-Adapter'.

As the smoke travels up, it passed through a 4-Arm 'Tree-Percolator', making it swirled vigorously. This ensures optimum cooling and filtering of pollutants, which then settle in the bong.

The smoke is then not so scratchy and gentle in the draft. Thanks to the Ice-Notches it can be chilled. Complete with a large green rim SG 14 Roll-Stop' bowl.


All our bongs come with cone piece and stem . It all packed with thick bubble wrap and patch saftly and discreet with plain box or satchels bags.

Product detail:
Base Diameter Ø: 105mm(Approximately)*

Joint size:18.8mm

Cone size:14mm
Percolator: yes
Colour:clear and blue
Logo:Black Leaf
Include glass stem and cone








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