Blaze Swordfish

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Product Code: AS006


Blaze Glass 2x 8-Arm Percolator Icebong.The bong bowl has Roll-Stop nodules, to prevent accidents and is also in green colour. The conical water chamber ensures a stable position. The smoke is filtered and cooled by two 8-Arm Tree-Percolators in which all the individual branches are inter-linked.This increases the fracture strength of the percolator and makes for greater resistance to shock and vibration.

Above the percolators are three Ice-Notches and an incredibly robust mouth intake. The Down-Pipe has a slot diffusor at the end. It has no Kick-Hole, just lift off the bong bowl to achieve the same affect. The Blaze Glass logo in the black, is visible down the top end of the tube.


All our bongs come with cone piece and stem . It all packed with thick bubble wrap and patch saftly and discreet with plain box or satchels bags.

Product detail:
Base Diameter Ø: 51mm(Approximately)*


Cone size:14mm
Percolator: yes
Logo:Blaze Glass
Ice notches:yes
Include glass stem & cone piece