Why does my hookah taste burnt?

One of the most common problems with hookahs is experiencing the burning taste that ruins the fun. Sometimes there is also the problem of difficult inhaling of the smoke as if it feels too “heavy”. These problems are usually caused by the same reasons. This is sometimes because of the coal, sometimes tobacco, and sometimes the hookah itself. But there is no need to worry because simple solutions to solve these problems are possible. We think that it might be a good opportunity to help our customers by talking about some of the simple solutions.

Managing the heat

The most important reason for the hookah burning is the inability to adjust the heat management. Heat management can ensure that the hookah tobacco is kept at a constant temperature. As you know, the working principle of the hookah is simply to burn smoke with the coals on the hookah tobacco and to pass the smoke through the water. Therefore, the most important element in the hookah is to ensure that the tobacco burns efficiently.

If the tobacco doesn’t get enough heat, you will not have lots of smoke but it won’t burn either. However, when it gets too hot, it will burn and give you that unpleasant smell. The general solution is to reduce the amount of the coals. After few tries, you will find the ideal amount of coals for enough smoke without burning it.

Creating air flow

It is an unquestionable fact that a proper air flow is necessary for the proper functioning of the hookah. Bear in mind that the basic working principle is that the hookah tobacco burns and the smoke is inhaled through the water. Burning is a chemical process and requires air. So the hookah should get enough airflow to keep the burning going. If there is no space where the air can pass comfortably, you will be forced to try to pull air in a naturally closed tube and cause the hookah to fail.

There are 3 ways to have better airflow in the hookah.

1.    When filling the head with tobacco, don’t press on them and sprinkle them so that they have air flowing between the pieces of tobacco.

2.    After filling the tobacco use a toothpick to pick through the tobacco which will create small spaces in tobacco.

3.    Before using the tobacco, cut it with a knife to make it smaller hence more space in between.

Also, make sure that the tobacco isn’t touching the foil. Hot foil getting in contact with tobacco will burn it.

Using quality coals

The subject that hookah smokers suffer the most. One of the main reasons that put potential smokers off using the hookah. As you know, there are plenty of hookah charcoal brands on the market. Although the oak charcoal used in hookah cafes is ideal for hookahs. It is, however, not ideal to have oak coals at home. Coconut coals are the best choice for home use. Coals are the number one factor determining the smoothness of the hookah, therefore, it is very much suggested to always get the highest quality ones.