Soft Glass Bong

We carry a great selection of premium hand-blown, soft glass bongs in a wide range of heights and sizes. Soft Glass Bongs are known for the amazing marbles, wraps and styled textures.

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Buy Soft Glass Bong Online in Australia

At Online Smoke, we offer a variety of hand-blown bongs made of a special material called soft glass for Australian smokers. Soft glass, unlike other bongs, requires gentler care but still provides a high-quality smoking experience.

For your soft glass bong, you should use it with warm water to prevent any significant temperature changes that could potentially damage or crack the glass.

When cleaning, you should avoid using hot or cold water and use lukewarm water instead. Although these bongs need more attention and care, they remain a popular choice among Australian smokers.

Some smokers prefer soft glass bongs for their authentic design, as each one is handcrafted by skilled glass blowers. This authenticity means that each bong can have slight variations, even if designed by the same glass blower.

Find your perfect soft glass bong from Online Smoke in our online store.

Note: it is illegal to sell or supply tobacco products to young people under the age of 18. Please double-check the laws and regulations within Australia.

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