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Smoking In Style With Stone Age Bongs | Online Smoke

For any habitual or connoisseur smoker, there is no going past the incredibly fun and inherently classic stone age bong brand. They’ve been established for quite some time and have carved out an effective, efficient, appealing, and sustainable approach to a smoking good time. Check out our other products at Online Smoke and range of bongs made of different materials.


Online Smoke have the sweetest selection of Stone Age bongs at the fairest prices that will be sure to put the bud in your step. Considered to be the workhorse of the nation’s smokers, the stone age bongs in Australia are simply built differently – in every positive consideration.

The sheer range of stone age bongs available at Online Smoke allows for each type of smoker to find something that speaks directly to them in some form. Whether it be the design, colour, aesthetic, feel, size, or special features – there’s truly something for everyone.

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Weird & Wild Designs

Things have certainly changed since the 60s, where the classics reigned supreme and for many agile smokers, there was the papers or the classically shaped apparatus to enjoy some herbal relaxant. The team behind stone age bongs have been working tirelessly to bring the most out of your smoking experience. Using the tried-and-true methods of yesteryear with the classically shaped collection of stone age bongs, to the newer and fresher designs and styles that have allowed for some innovative and exciting experiences that can only come from a stone age bong.

We cannot help but be impressed with the design acumen that goes into some of these pieces. Particular mentions have to go to this incredibly artistic Skull Glass Stone Age Bong that has combined the heavy-duty build with an incredible artistic flair. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you already know someone that has a Skull smoking apparatus in their home somewhere – but they’ve never looked or felt this good.

The absolutely unique pieced, dubbed the ‘Sabre Toothed Tiger’ is simply too cool to be real, combining a ludicrously easy smoking feeling with an aesthetic that has to be seen to be believed. Feeling quite sturdy for its size & offering a wholly unique stone age bong experience.

Incredibly Built

Utilising lab-grade Pyrex glass, these pieces are made to be handled. You’ll find with some of the more refined and fanciful sites around the interwebs, a little more fragility in the products on offer. While there are some delicate pieces and one should always be careful and wary when handling any glass materials – there should also be some leeway for a bit of rough play when it comes to your smoking paraphernalia, especially if you have Butterfinger friends around.

As such, Online Smoke ensures that our relationships with suppliers and designers are with those who take the time to look after their materials and know where to put their focus and attention. Stone Age bongs have certainly led the pack in this instance.

Insane Features

Let’s be honest, it’s not just the designs that have taken a turn for the innovative and incredulous in recent years – the features that are adding new layers of amazement and advancement for the modern smoker to enjoy.

Even wholesale Stone Age bongs have seen the fruits of the future with features like percolators, rimmed mouthpieces, shot holes, ice shelves, even pesky tar catchers are being integrated seamlessly into their pieces naturally. The ice shelves are becoming more prominently featured in a variety of brands these days, but the already mentioned designed superiority you find with Stone Age bongs sweep away the competition breezily. Their pricing is another excellent reason to not pass them up hastily. When you find such indelible designs, craftsmanship, and variety of options for aggressive everyday smokers to occasional one-a-month enthusiasts – you cannot pass up the maestros.

Why Online Smoke?

Online Smoke have been providing the premium choice for smokers around Australia for years and have shown no sign of slowing down. Offering unprecedented price matching capabilities with competitors and fast discreet shipping on all orders – there’s simply no place better to pick up your Stone Age bong.

Our competitive prices aside, we also offer the largest selection of smoking apparatuses, papers, vaporizers, anything and everything you need to elevate your evening of smoking to an entirely new level. From the single gunners for newbie smokers, all the way to the triple filtered behemoths for the seasoned veterans – there’s a piece for everyone.

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