Disposable Plastic Hookah Hose

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This standard hookah hose is the first of its kind in the market. The greatest attribute of this flexible hose is its nature of very little or no flavor retention. The white ends of the hose (i. E. Handle and hose connector) detach from the hose making for easy cleaning and washing. These hoses are truly washable and you can submerge the entire hose under very hot water if you like. The washable hose is not a fancy highly decorative hose but it functions extremely well. If you´re looking for a highly functionality replacement hose that is easy to clean then these are the hoses for you! The hose could be used commercially for restaurants where they can serve anew hose for every customer to avoid transmitting viruses such as influenza or a cold that could be transmitted through a regular hose. The hose could also be used for your everyday hookah and cleaning it is much simpler than any other on the market. Each hose is in a poly bag. Available in White.