Extracktor bags 25µ, 73µ, 190µ

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Extra large bags with 19 litre each, for the long reserve. Place all plant parts in a bucket with ice-cold water, add ice and beat all 15-30 minutes with a mixer. Then let it cooled settle for at least 15 minutes. The extraction proceed during the settle time. Attach the filter bags in a new bucket: At first the fine filter, then step by step the next coarse filter with a distance between all filters. Then fill the plant-water in and stir for a while. Remove the upper coarse filter with the plant parts. Then use the next filter with a gently swirling the mixture around and squeezing a little bit. So you proceed with all filters until the last. The last one has the extract. Squeeze out all remaining water, at last use a towel at the outside to extract the water. Inside you got a greenish-brown filtrate. Scrape it out with a spatula and let the extract dry. Be happy!     

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  Color: yellow/blue/violet
  Size: Mesh Width 25µ,73µ,190µ
  Info: PU 3 Bags, 19 litre each