Glass Bong Jester

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AU$ 39.90

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Product Code: GT1-22


A Black Leaf bong from our famous GT series. It is made of borosilicate (Pyrex) glass and has a glass Down-Pipe and a straight cylinder.

This awesome looking, straight tube ice bong by Bio Hazard Glass is constructed from thick, heat-resistant, borosilicate glass and comes equipped with a slitted diffuser downstem that provides powerful filtration and diffusion. The long, straight tube has kick hole for you to add a fair amount of ice cubes to cool and soften your hits for a more enjoyable smoking experience.


All our bongs come with cone piece and stem . It all packed with thick bubble wrap and patch saftly and discreet with plain box or satchels bags.

Product detail:
Base Diameter Ø: 40mm(Approximately)*
Percolator: No
Logo:Black Leaf
Include one piece stem and cone