Icebong 'Black Leaf'

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The famous 'Black Leaf' glass pipe, as usual great value for money, superb quality: heavy with stable base, Kickhole, chillum, Ice thorns and bowl . The chinese word ice and fire Printing is written in black on the bended Bong Tube.

This Bubble Bong brings you the best of both lines and curves with a generous round bubble above the base for extra capacity plus a classic straight neck .A deep slide bowl is included (no carb hole necessary), as well as an 12 cm diffuser downstem so you can start enjoying smooth, cool, bubbly pulls right away!

Both the bowl and the diffuser downstem feature 18.8mm joints, roll stoppers.


All our bongs come with cone piece and stem . It all packed with thick bubble wrap and patch saftly and discreet with plain box or satchels bags.

Product detail:
Base Diameter Ø: 50mm(Approximately)*
Percolator: No
Logo:Black Leaf


Ice notches:yes
Include glass stem & cone piece

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