'meshugga' Bong Ice Hexagonal Base

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AU$ 64.90

Product Status: Coming Soon

Product Code: MG001


This 'meshugga' glass icebong provides an excellent draught. This is due to the large diameter (Approx. Ø 15mm) of the down-pipe which is, somewhat widened, at the upper end, forming a chamber. And by inserting a stable sieve (eg. either 44 05 24 or 44 05 44 05 25) an active carbon filter can be fitted producing an active carbon chamber. For extra comfort, the mouthpiece has a smaller diameter glass rim at the end of the tube. The bong bowl has a 'Roll-Stop' pimple to prevent it from braking. With ice notches.

Material: Glass
  Color: clear, black
  Print: meshugga, sandgestrahlt
  Height: 420mm
  Diameter: 55mm
  Grind: 2x18,8
  Wall Thickness: 5mm
  Percolator: no
  ICE: yes
  Kickhole: yes