MYA Vortex 3 Hose

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A vortex may be defined as any system or object that draws people towards its center. By that definition, the Mya Vortex Hookah truly lives up to its name, as it draws all who see it nearer for a closer look.

At 22 inches tall with sleekly sloping sides and its clever airtight, threaded shaft-base system (never need a base grommet again!) It's hard to look without touching. Elegant silver etchings adorn the frosted glass. It is available in a variety of glass colors, and comes with a supple 6 foot leather hose. Instead of including a traditional clay Egyptian style bowl, we've decided that the contemporary porcelain bowl looks and fits best with these hookahs and send them instead.


Sorry, colour are randomly picked so are not choosable .

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