OLS Full Glass Hand Bubbler

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Product Code: GP095


The Bubbler has its neck and mouthpiece off to the side of the chamber. Not only does this give the bubbler an unexpected aesthetic, but actually provides a comfortable smoking form. The sidecar design has its percs. It keeps your neck and mouthpiece further removed from the bowl to avoid any chance of heat fractures. After all you do not want to ruin the maria rings on the neck when lighting your bowl. The mouthpiece itself is flat and is a good distance from the bowl.

On the side opposite of the sidecar neck is a side carb hole. This allows you to control the airflow when inhaling. The control helps preserve your herbs and contain the amount of smoke you will inhale. Connected to the deep bowl is a fixed downstem. The fixed downstem extends into the chamber and tunnels your smoke into the water.

The water diffuses your smoke for a more smooth taste. You can see the fixed downstem and the inside of the pipe in between the blue and green perpendicular lines. These lines,which are similar to the patterns you would see in a game of Tron, lay on a somewhat clear purple background. The base is flat so you can rest the Tron Sidecar Bubbler on a flat surface when not using it.