Phunnel Hookah Bowl

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Product Code: H0365


We’re happy to carry the famous Tangiers phunnel bowl design from both Tangiers, the name-brand producer, and from a larger-scale producer that allows us to sell the same quality bowl at a more affordable price. These bowls are designed specifically for extremely dripping-wet tobacco (such as Tangiers shisha), but can handle tobacco of regular consistencies just fine. When excess shisha juice drips down the shaft of a hookah, it can impart an unwanted flavor to the smoke, and can build up inside the shaft if not cleaned regularly. The Phunnel bowl design eliminates this problem by featuring a ‘trough’ that holds the juice while the smoke passes up and over the raised ‘lip’ in the center. For top performance, you’ll want to see our blog on creating a mod to optimize the flow of smoke up and over the inner rim.