How To Light A Hookah In The Open Air

Master outdoor hookah smoking with our comprehensive guide on choosing coals, lighting techniques, and safety tips. Learn to enjoy hookah in nature responsibly, using coconut coals, portable stoves, and bonfires. Essential reading for urban smokers seeking to blend hookah enjoyment with outdoor adventures, while prioritising safety and environmental care.

How To Light A Hookah In The Open Air

Hookah, as an element of the rest, is always welcome. But we, the children of the modern civilization, cannot just figure out how to light the coals for hookah in nature, where there are no electricity or gas appliances. This article is for the urbanized people.

Barbecue, fresh air and company of great friends make a good time. Hookah can only add to such a day. The simple task of burning coals should not be a hindrance to us.


Hookah In The Open Air: What Type Of Coals To Use?

At Online Smoke, we strongly recommend using coconut coals. Although they are harder to light up, their heat is quite high, they are reliable and do not have harmful chemicals. Easy light coals are of course sensible given the circumstances but they use certain chemicals to establish the fast burning which is harmful to the smoker. In addition to the harm, they have a specific flavour that will definitely affect the taste of the hookah.

Smokers often go as far as using the barbecue coals for the hookah which should be avoided. If you're experiencing a burnt taste in your hookah, read more here. First of all, they are usually too big for the hookah bowl which will cause overheating and burn the tobacco. They are also dangerous if their ashes get into the bowl and the smoker inhales them. If you want some reasons why smoke a hookah, we have an article for you.


How To Light the Coals in Nature: 3 Ways

1 – A Portable Stove

A portable stove will be your best friend if you are an active hookah smoker who also likes to smoke outdoors. A single can of gas will last a long time. The stove itself is very light and easy to move around. It can fit in a backpack and doesn’t require special skills to use. It can also be used for cooking while you are out in the Mother Nature.


2 – Having a Bonfire

A bonfire and lighting up your coals there is another convenient way. You can put the coals on the edge of the main source of the fire so that they are close to the “epicentre”. It will be also easy for you to take them out. A bonfire is also good to have a relaxed time with friends and family. When the sun is slowly setting down, you are sitting around the fire and smoking your hookah talking to your loved ones.


3 – Using Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids are not the best or the safest option but it works. The problem is that there might be chemicals that do not completely burn out and will saturate your smoke throughout the entire session.


Tips to Smoke Outdoors

Making a foil cover and lid for your bowl will protect you from occasional sparks that the winds causes and will also keep the wind away that would otherwise burn out your coals quicker.

It is common sense that you should not smoke inside your tent and yet there are people doing this resulting in unfortunate events.

Be mindful of others if the place you are smoking is a public place shared with many people. Hookah smoke will not be welcomed well by everyone.

Also, make sure it is allowed to smoke where you are at. Some parks and public places do not allow individuals to smoke outdoors. You might face hefty fines if you smoke in a non-smoking area.

After the end of your smoking session put out the coals with water and make sure you don’t set an accidental fire. And during domestic gatherings with a hookah and during trips to nature it is necessary to observe all the nuances associated with fire safety. So, you need to install a hookah on a flat, hard surface. Australia is known to have large bushfires each year and many of them are due to human negligence. Don't forget to consider cleaning up your shisha with our tips and tricks.

Trying to get big smoke while smoking outside won't be effective because the wind will interfere at all times.

When you are in nature, it will be hard to find clean fresh water. Do not attempt to use from sources that you are fully sure of. Clean water is a must for a safe smoking session. When cleaning your shisha, don't dump the deposits and burnt coals/tobacco in nature.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. Please obey all local and national laws relating to the use and possession of cannabis and tobacco. Smoking may be harmful to your health. It is illegal to sell or supply tobacco products to young people under the age of 18. Please familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations within Australia.

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