Sizes of Bongs – How To Choose?

Learn about bongs, a popular device for smoking cannabis, with our comprehensive guide. Understand their construction, cooling mechanism, and the importance of size for quality smoking experience. Ideal for both beginners and experts, explore why glass bongs, especially larger ones, are preferred for an enjoyable and efficient smoking session.

Sizes of Bongs – How To Choose?

The smoking of various substances, herbs, smoking mixtures can be treated differently and this article is for those who aren’t against smoking. Let’s first get some basic understanding about bongs by Online Smoke.


What is a Bong?

If we are ought to put it out briefly and without going into details, then a bong is a device for smoking. You can find out about what a bong commonly looks like in our other article. In the modern world, it is mainly used for smoking. We are mentioning this because centuries ago in Africa, it was used to smoke different mixtures of various herbs. Bong is something you should own for a few reasons.


Bong's Construction

The design and working structure of a bong are really simple and genius in some ways. It is a tube with water in it with a bowl on top where you put your smoking stuff in. Smoke is inhaled through a pipe that goes into the tube. When you inhale the smoke, it goes through the water first thus cooling down. They come in a range of materials too. According to Wikipedia, bongs have gained their fame due to the fact that with this method of smoking herb a large dose of tetrahydrocannabinol gets into the smoker's body than with the usual method of smoking.


Where To Buy a Bong

Often a serious restriction in the search is the budget, which we are ready to allocate for a new hobby. Therefore, many newcomers decide to buy a bong in an online store, where the main criterion in making a decision is the price. Online stores are quite a specific place where you need to look carefully and have enough knowledge to buy a really good bong at an affordable price.

Theoretically, the best place to buy a bong would be stores, but often sellers do not have a clue about what they are selling. Often the question of the origin of the bong or the material from which it is made, we could see only with wide-open eyes.


How to Choose Bong

The aesthetic side should not be the only one you are evaluating. In the case of water bongs, the size, namely the height, is important, which will be confirmed by any pro smoker. Indeed, small bongs are practical; we can easily take them with us on a trip or to meet friends. Big bongs are inconvenient to carry and take up a lot of space. However, in addition to the convenience of carrying small bongs have no more advantages. So don't forget, in this case, choosing the right size of bong matters!

The height of the bong, as well as the length of the hose, affect the quality of the smoke and the enjoyment of smoking. Small bongs have a small volume, so they produce a small amount of smoke. Therefore, if we want to smoke such a bong with friends, before the transfer of the hose the next one should wait a while to give the bong time to create a new portion of the smoke.

Glass bongs are one of the most popular and wide-spread types currently and if you are not sure how to choose a bong, a glass hookah would be a good start.

Small bongs heat up too quickly and it can be a hindrance to a fun session of smoking. Bigger bongs will have a better heat control and last longer too. If we talk about accessories, then big bongs are much better equipped.

As in every issue, there are admirers of both small and large bongs. However, in order to sufficiently enjoy the pleasure of smoking, we recommend that you still choose a big bong. A small bong can be an interesting addition as the second or third in the house.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. Please obey all local and national laws relating to the use and possession of cannabis and tobacco. Smoking may be harmful to your health. It is illegal to sell or supply tobacco products to young people under the age of 18. Please familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations within Australia.

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