Varieties of Hookahs: Types and Origins

Varieties of Hookahs: Types and Origins

Hookah has already become not just a fashionable addition to modern leisure, but rather one of its most important parts. Some people feel relaxed when smoking, some just want to distract their mind or just like the atmosphere of the environment - various reasons to smoke hookah. There are many types of hookahs nowadays that come in different shapes and forms. In this article by Online Smoke, we will be talking about some of the most popular and common hookah types.


Types and Origins of Hookahs

Talking about hookahs without mentioning Egyptian hookah would be a sin. It is one of the most popular ones and rightfully so. Their hookahs are generally very well built with quality materials and will last long years with correct use and care. Usually, Egyptians use brass and steel, these materials are not cheap, but durable and well manifested themselves in smoking. These materials are not oxidized, so they are ideal for wet environments and temperature differences.

Syrian hookahs are also notorious in the hookah world. Hookahs from this origin are recognised with their long tubes. Copper is used for the most Syrian hookahs which are cheaper and have relatively shorter service life compared to steel. Before buying these it is recommended that you inspect them thoroughly for any defects.

Indian hookahs are made of metal completely, even the base. Rounded outlines, hooks designed to hang the hoses and a cover for the coals – that’s what distinguishes the Indian hookah. They are not as popular, but they retain their quality for a long time as well.

The leader of almost all production areas did not pass by the production of hookahs. Alas, numerous nameless hookahs are made in China which tend to be low quality. They use poor-quality materials and the result is a cheap affordable hookah that won’t last long and won’t satisfy most smokers.

Famous brands from Europe and the United States open factories in China, because it is much cheaper, and they produce instruments under their own label. The quality of assembly and accessories is much higher, and the final cost is low.


Modern Types of Hookahs and Their Features

While some are chasing after traditions and reviving classical forms - others are trying to bring fashion trends into devices.  You can now come across lots of very different-looking hookahs which do not resemble the usual Egyptian or Syrian hookahs at all.

For example, glass hookahs have gained popularity lately – some of the called medusa. They are partially or completely made of durable plexiglass.

A couple of years ago it was impossible to imagine a shisha that would be completely wooden. But now it's common. These hookahs are treated with special solutions to make them resistant to moisture and heat. At the same time, these coatings are not toxic, unlike traditional paint. The wood does not dry up, does not swell and retains an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Metal does not come as a surprise because tubes and other parts of the hookah are usually made of metal. But what about the vases? They look good but have obtained negative comments due to their overheating, impracticality and complicated heat control.


Which Hookah Type Should I Buy?

For several years there has been a tendency to depart from traditions, more and more bars prefer new unusual forms. However, if you are smoking at home, a simpler, traditional hookah would suit you better. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. There are lots of nuances when it comes to choosing your first hookah. Main criteria should be the quality of the materials as it is what determines the quality of your smoking sessions. Bigger hookahs don't necessarily mean you'll get bigger clouds.

If you are going to smoke in the open air, you would be better off to use a smaller hookah because they are easier to balance on uneven surfaces.

You can find pretty much any type of hookah in Sydney. They might be a bit expensive depending on the brand and quality but considering how much cafes charge, you are still saving lots of money in the long term.

If you are getting an expensive hookah, make sure you clean it properly before each session. Their peak performance can only be achieved when they are taken care of regularly.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. Please obey all local and national laws relating to the use and possession of cannabis and tobacco. Smoking may be harmful to your health. It is illegal to sell or supply tobacco products to young people under the age of 18. Please familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations within Australia.

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