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Agung Bongs Online in Australia

Dive into our extensive array of Agung Bongs, available throughout Australia, with free delivery on orders over $100! If you're in search of a top-notch, reliable glass smoking apparatus to elevate your experience and keep the good vibes flowing, our Agung bongs collection at Online Smoke has you covered. Our selection boasts an abundance of sizes, designs, colours, and shapes; we promise there's a perfect piece for everyone at Online Smoke. Explore the entire range of bongs today!


Agung Bong Superstore

Why Select Agung Bongs?

Known for their robust construction, smooth draw, and cool aesthetics, Agung bongs are a hot favourite among enthusiasts nationwide and across the globe. Distinctively recognised by their flat-bottomed design and ornately detailed stem pieces, Agung bongs offer excellent balance and a comfortable grip for a hassle-free smoking session. At Online Smoke, we proudly present a vast selection of Agung water pipes to cater to every preference and style. Whether you're seeking something small, quick, and discreet for a late-night indulgence, or you're after a gigantic double chamber piece to be the party's centrepiece, we've got your back.

Style & Substance

Recognising the unique preferences of each smoker, we offer an eclectic and versatile assortment of bongs that caters to a wide array of palates and tastes. A standout trait of Agung glass bongs is the remarkable variety and copious amount of designs and styles available to every smoker.

Exceptionally Creative Designs

Trust us, when we say there's an immense variation in design, we're not overstating. The designers of these bongs continuously craft some seriously stylish designs in their range that we're thrilled to supply to our valued customers. Some of these pieces double as an attractive desk or shelf decorations. Just take a glance at the Elephant or Mushroom designs, and you'll see what we mean.

These bongs not only look stunning but also exude a sturdy and durable feel. As Agung water pipes, they provide the smoothest smoking experience you can envision. The company's dedication to quality manufacturing and unique branding is evident in each of its products.

Innovative Variations of Bongs

The diversity extends beyond just design. One look at the number of ingenious features and enhancements available in the Agung glass bong range, and you'll be taken aback! Double chambers are gaining popularity among smokers looking for an extra smooth pull, and Agung has outdone themselves with the options available.

Traditional innovations in modern smoking are also embodied in our premium bongs, including features like ice chamber slots and easy grip handles. These features contribute significantly to comfort and make sharing a breeze.

Compact Portability

The tradition of portable smoking apparatus is deeply ingrained in our culture. Traditionally, this would entail having a smaller variant of your standard Agung in your backpack – which can be slightly awkward in terms of shape and distinct pulling method. But fret not, Agung has addressed this with intuitive design.

Their pocketable pieces are subtler yet just as comfortable, demonstrating the ingenuity of their signature Travel Pal. We assure you, with our bongs, smoking in style has never been easier.

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Note: it is illegal to sell or supply tobacco products to young people under the age of 18. Please double-check the laws and regulations within Australia.