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Meet the Kaloud Samsaris hookah bowl. This brand new bowl from the makers of the Kaloud Lotus is the first bowl designed specifically for compatibility with the Kaloud Lotus. It is destined to become the hottest hookah product of 2015. Let's take a closer look at just why the Samsaris bowl is so great.

How It Works

The Kaloud Samsaris is made from silicon and is shaped to make a perfect seal with the Kaloud Lotus. After filling your bowl with shisha (fill each chamber up to the interior fill line) simply place the Lotus on top, add your coals, and wait a few minutes for the unit to heat up.

Kaloud recommends using no more than 2 natural coals at a time. If using the Lotus, you may want to start with 3 and then take one out once the bowl has sufficiently warmed up, but using three coals for the entirety of your session is not recommended and may damage your Samsaris bowl. You can use the Samsaris with foil or a bowl screen but for the optimal experience we recommend using the Lotus.

Features Of The Samsaris Bowl

The interior of the Samsaris contains a series of special flavor chambers as well as an interior fill line so you know you are packing the perfect bowl of shisha each and every time you use it. The specially designed flavor chambers allow for a unique air-flow pattern within the bowl itself which leads to a more even and consistent heating of your shisha. This in turn leads to longer lasting, better smoking, and tastier bowls without any of the burned flavor you can sometimes get with other hookah bowls.

The central air channel features a single raised hole (similar to a phunnel style bowl) which is centrally located. This allows for great airflow as well as keeping shisha juices from dripping down your stem and into your base. Because of this you will have an easier time cleaning your hookah between sessions.

One of our favorite features of the Kaloud Samsaris bowl is simply that it is made of silicon (specifically FDA approved, non-toxic silicon) and is essentially non-stick. We have smoked many a bowl of shisha with the Samsaris and clean up is as easy as wiping out the interior of the bowl with a damp paper towel. This bowl is also practically impossible to break and it stays relatively cool to the touch during smoke sessions.

Benefits Of The Kaloud Samsaris

In our tests, the Samsaris bowl (when used with the Kaloud Lotus) outperformed most other bowls in several different ways. First off, it is designed to use less shisha than your average bowl. Secondly, when used in conjunction with the Kaloud Lotus, you end up using much less coal than with a normal foil wrapped bowl.

Thirdly, your smoke sessions will last much longer than usual. That's right, with the Samsaris + Lotus combo you get longer smoking bowls while using less shisha and less coal. It seems to good to be true, right? But this awesome little combo delivers.

Finally, because the bowl is made of silicon rather than clay it is extremely easy to clean and is nearly impossible to break. If you are looking to improve your future hookah smoking sessions in a major way, we definitely recommend trying out a Kaloud Samsaris bowl paired with the Kaloud Lotus.

Note: although the Kaloud Samsaris bowl is made of extremely durable material that handles heat well, it is possible to overheat and damage the Samsaris if too many coals are used in direct contact with the bowl. Therefore, Kaloud recommends you use no more than 2 coals on the Samsaris bowl.

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